At the Black Abbey Brewing Company, we take an artisanal approach to beer. We are crafting unique and approachable ales from the highest quality ingredients. Yet, it’s more than that. We strive to supply liquid refreshment that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our beers are created, not made, right here in Nashville.

The Black Abbey Brewing Company was founded in a Nashville neighborhood. We are good friends working together to craft something unique as the city itself. We are proud to be a Tennessee brand and we let that shine through the design of our beer. We at The Black Abbey are your neighbors. We can’t wait to share a pint with you.


The Champion
American pale ale, broad-shouldered and heady. English and smoked malt form a firm foundation for a balanced American pale. He stands victorious atop a mountain, his enemies crushed beneath his boot-heel. Hail The Champion! This beer pairs well with pub fare, wings and red sauces. {stock ale} 5.3% ABV 29 IBUs


The Rose

A Belgian-style blonde ale. 4% wheat malt, hazy and refreshing. Do not be troubled or afraid, for The Rose is a symbol of peace. Drink for joy ! This beer pairs well with spring fare, white cheese and fruit. {belgian-style blonde} 5.4% ABV 15 IBUs


The Special
A traditional monastic style, brewed by the brothers to be shared at the table. Garnet hues of evening skies darkening to night. The smell of baking bread and evening flowers. The Special harkens to times of peace, quiet conversation and friendly fellowship. This beer pairs well with flavorful cheese and meat. {Belgian-style mild} 5.8% ABV 13 IBUs

Chapter House

Scholars labor and workmen read. Together they lay their burdens down, rough knuckles and penciled cuffs brush as handshake greetings welcome the congregants. Join us at the Chapter House as the sun fades far away in the crimson of the west. Joy to all we love the best! Enjoy our Belgian style red ale, malty & clean. Pair with an evening song, a deep dish pizza or a philly cheese steak.  {Belgian-style red} 5.7% ABV 16 IBUs




A robust porter liberally infused with Kenyan and Hawaiian coffee from our friends at  2014-Frothy-Monkey-primary-wordmark_red

A dazzling personality with a little bit of smoke that won’t quit, this beer pairs well with dark chocolate, mushrooms or beef. {Robust coffee-infused porter}4.8% ABV 25 IBUs  











Spring Seasonals

the fortress icon2 copy

The Fortress

Black as the gale, cool as a breeze, this American style Black Ale stands atop a bulwark, never failing.  Its dark garnet color belies a citrus hop bitterness and flavor followed by a clean but dry malt finish. {American Black Ale} 5.9% ABV  29 IBUs

Summer Seasonals



North eastern breezes of home. Corn fields, shimmering heat, and blackbirds call. Turn towards Rosedale or the riverside? Flag a ride down to the crossroads. An American original adapted from German Koln-style ales. bold American cluster hops, flaked maize and 6-row barley make for a crisp, golden, quaffable ale. Pairs with charcoal-grilled picnic fare.{American Summer Ale}   4.9% ABV 21 IBUs



Colonial Farmhouse Ale

In 1813 a shipwrecked brewer named Joseph Miller took up residence at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia.  Jefferson believed beer would liberate the young country’s populace from the grip of corn whiskey “which kills one third of our citizens and ruins their families” but common brewing ingredients were difficult to obtain.  Captain Miller rose to the occasion crafting a pale brew using corn and wheat to quench the colonial thirst and save the young commonwealth.  POTUS 3 is a homage to Captain Miller’s recipe brewed at Monticello during Jefferson’s time.  Traditional colonial ingredients and a french farmhouse ale yeast yield a bright, spicy, quaffable ale with distinct clove aroma, delicate sweetness mid-pallet and a peppery dry finish.  6.2% ABV 24 IBUs


Five Points

India Pale Ale

Pale and caramel malts give this beer a clean background which highlights the Citra, Amarillo and Cascade hops.  Late hop additions showcase the graefruit and citrus hop aromas and dominant hop flavor.  Hot heads rejoice!  5.6% ABV 94 IBUs

Fall Seasonals






Guy Fawkes

“Remember, Remember, the fifth of November, The GunPowder Treason and plot.” Inspired by a notorious British villain, Guy Fawkes Brown Ale blends English malt & American hops to create slightly smoky well-rounded brown ale. This beer pairs well with pub fare, wings & red sauces.{American Style Brown Ale}
5% ABV 18 IBUs

Chronicles Logo


Malty and clean, orange as autumn with biscuit malt on the forefront, Chronicles is based on a classic marzen style.  Fermented using our house ale yeast at cooler temperatures produces lager-like characteristics, accentuating the malt flavors and rounding off the edges.  Chronicles offers a unique interpretation of a german festbier perfect for fall in Tennessee.  4.8%ABV 20 IBUs


Winter Seasonals


Wicket Gate icon2 copy
Wicket Gate

Cross the threshold, my hesitating friend.  For tho a rebel you have been enter here, rejoice and tremble, and tread the King’s Highway! Dark and complex this American stout exhibits classic roast, chocolate and creamy characteristics derived from oats, flaked barley and british malts.  When your heart is heavy and in great need, enter here!  Sweetness waits beyond the Wicket Gate.  Pairs well with roast, stew and savory sauces. {London Stout} 5.6% ABV 33 IBUs



Previously Released Seasonal’s



Enkel.invert-1 copyEnkel


Hearken back to a simpler time when fields of barley and wheat danced in the breeze and the sound of scythe and sickle sliced the day. Ploughmen raise their glasses, golden ale to quench their thirst and hurry the day.  Enkel: simple. Made from one malt and two hops Enkel is a true belgian table beer. {Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale}  6.2% ABV 25 IBUs

Brother Maynard logoBrother-Maynard

Brother Maynard

From the caves of Caerbannog to the frozen lands of Nador there is much rejoicing! Brother Maynard comes to blow thy enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy. Five hops and five (three, sir!) three malts taunt your palate until you run away. Pairs well with lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large… Skip a bit, brother….{Belgian-style Pale Ale} 6.1% ABV 70 IBUs






The fool wants to turn the whole art of astronomy upside-down!”  Martin Luther bitterly declared.  Copernicus redefined how man viewed the heavens and the earth.  The Earth revolves around the sun? Madness! The galaxy in motion? Heresy! Copernicus’ book “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” put the world in motion. Such is the inspiration for debate and thought. Such is the inspiration for hops and malt as well. “When a man wishes to be clever he must invent something special, and the way he does it needs to be the best.” Indeed, Martin Luther, indeed.  5.5% ABV 100 IBUs



Naughty or Nice? Belsnickle knows! Wrapped in fur, beware the switch, Belsnickle comes to chide the boys and girls who have not behaved. Change your wicked ways or feel the bite, Belsnickle comes! German Folklore warns of St. Nicolas’ wicked henchman, wild and wrapped in fur he arrives 3 weeks before Christmas to offer one last chance to repent! There is still time! St. Nicholas is watching but Belsnickle comes!  5.9% ABV 25 IBUs


Dark and brooding, subtle and clean KiaB lies in wait; calmly, patiently biding tis time waiting to surprise you with its tranquil sweetness. Finished with locally grown fresh Nugget hops this Tennessee original is malty and clean with a pleasant peppery hop aroma. Enjoy with spicy hot wings, jambalaya and bread pudding. {Tennessee Brown Ale} 4.5% ABV 20 IBUs



Named for our 7th President, Andrew Jackson, POTUS 7 is brilliant golden farmhouse ale. Brewed in cooperation with our friends at The Hermitage, we incorporated malt from North Carolina (Jacksons birth-state), cane syrup from New Orleans and Juniper berries (Jackson loved gin). We imagine that this golden, refreshing beer could well have been brewed on the property during Jackson’s time. {Belgian Farmhouse Ale} 5.9% ABV 30 IBUs


Expertly Crafted in Tennessee
We draw inspiration from the profound actions of Martin Luther, a German law student who in 1505 had a lightning-strike moment, quite literally, and became a monk. Luther’s commitment to transforming something distant and unattainable into a comfortable, meaningful part of daily life sparked a massive social, religious and political reformation. Luther believed we should drink for joy ! We at The Black Abbey Brewing Company second that wholeheartedly.